Music Ensembles are offered under the Performing Arts program.

MUSE 19000:  AFRICAN ENSEMBLE:  1 Hour(s)  

AFRICAN ENSEMBLE~ The African Drum Ensemble is open to all Hiram College students. The ensemble learns and performs traditional African percussion music. Instruments are provided. Pass/No Credit Only

MUSE 20610:  EARLY MUSIC ENSEMBLE:  1 Hour(s)  

EARLY MUSIC ENSEMBLE~ The Early Music Ensemble is a vocal and instrumental ensemble open to all Hiram students and community members. The ensemble rehearses and performs music from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods.

MUSE 20620:  CHAMBER ENSEMBLES:  1 Hour(s)  

CHAMBER ENSEMBLES~ Students participating in faculty-directed/coached chamber music duos, trios, or ensembles that will be rehearsing challenging repertoire and performing publicly on campus may register for Chamber Ensemble with the permission of the supervising faculty member.

MUSE 20630:  JAZZ ENSEMBLE:  1 Hour(s)  

JAZZ ENSEMBLE~ Performing groups are open to all students who qualify.

MUSE 20640:  WIND ENSEMBLE:  1 Hour(s)  

WIND ENSEMBLE~ The Wind Ensemble is open by audition to all Hiram College students and to community members. Auditions are held the first week of the semester. The Wind Ensemble rehearses and performs wind ensemble works from the classical repertory.

MUSE 20650:  CHAMBER SINGERS:  1 Hour(s)  

CHAMBER SINGERS~ The Chamber Singers is Hiram College’s premiere SATB choir, and includes 16 - 32 auditioned singers who perform a variety of repertoire from several styles and epochs. Rehearsals held biweekly. Auditions first week of fall semester.

MUSE 20660:  CHAMBER ORCHESTRA:  1 Hour(s)  

CHAMBER ORCHESTRA~ The Chamber Orchestra is open to all Hiram students and community members. The Chamber Orchestra rehearses and performs string symphony works from the classical repertory.


WESTERN RESERVE WOMEN'S CHORUS~ The Hiram College Western Reserve Women’s Chorus is open by audition to all Hiram students, both music majors and non-majors. The purpose of this ensemble is to provide motivated young women with the opportunity to study and perform choral music composed specially for women’s voices. In order to provide the students with opportunities for growth and progress, new repertoire will be studied each semester, including compositions from the Renaissance to the 21st century, and encompassing works from across the globe. Students will not only be challenged to widen their musicianship skills, including their vocal technique, music literacy, and interpretative skills, but will also gain new insight into world history, culture, and languages through the music they are studying . In addition, the singers will benefit from the discipline and collaborative skills required in choral music performance, and will learn the importance of individual contributions to group goals. The culmination of each semester’s rehearsal process is a public concert. Students will be assessed on the basis of their concentrated participation and preparedness during rehearsals. The group also serves as an ambassador for the arts at Hiram College, and occasionally performs off-campus.

MUSE 28000:  SEM::  4 Hour(s)