Sherman Dean II, Professional Academic Advisor
Nicole Gatrell, Executive Director of Student Academic Services and International Student Advisor
Karyne “Missie” Mallinak, Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean & Student Academic Services
Stephanie Simpson, Professional Academic Advisor and Director of Emerging Scholars
Jeffrey Swenson, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Online Programs and Academic Advising Office

Library Suite 222

Hiram College’s online academic programs provide a rigorous curriculum with the flexibility of online delivery.  We engage students through small class sizes, relevant coursework, and professional educators. Our nationally respected, liberal arts curriculum is convenient and flexible to fit the specific needs and lifestyle of online learners.

While Hiram College’s Online Program has incorporated many features designed to meet the needs of adult learners, the program should not be viewed as distinct from Hiram College itself. We believe each Hiram student, upon completion of the graduation requirements, will have an education in the depth, breadth, and interrelatedness of knowledge that is the liberal arts tradition.

Hiram’s online programs maintain Hiram’s commitment to the principles that education makes an important difference in an individual’s life. Many courses in the curriculum offer practical skills that are immediately relevant to a professional career. As a liberal arts institution, however, Hiram has steadfastly believed that the most useful education requires even more. Our majors offer courses that help develop specialized skills to improve job capabilities; at the same time, they provide opportunities for personal and cultural enrichment.

Students have an important role in developing their own programs of study. An academic advisor is assigned for each student to help plan a course of study, consider educational objectives, and generally provide advice and counseling. Adults who have taken college courses years ago, or who have never attended college, often feel uncomfortable about the prospect of returning to school. A close working relationship with one’s academic advisor alleviates the confusion and impersonal characteristic of other programs.