LATN 10100:  BEGINNING LATIN I:  4 Hour(s)  

BEGINNING LATIN I~An introduction to the basics of the language. Emphasis will be placed on acquiring Latin vocabulary and mastering elementary grammar so that simple Latin sentences can be read.

LATN 10200:  BEGINNING LATIN II:  4 Hour(s)  

BEGINNING LATIN II ~ Continuation of Latin 10100. More complex grammar, including an introduction to the subjunctive. Prerequisite: Latin 10100 or equivalent.

Prerequisite: LATN 10100

LATN 20100:  INTERMEDIATE LATIN I: EW:  4 Hour(s)  

INTERMEDIATE LATIN I ~ Continuation of Latin 102. Review and continuing study of new grammar, with an emphasis upon translating original Latin texts from various authors. Prerequisite: Latin 10200 or equivalent.

Prerequisite: LATN 10200

Core: Experiencing the World

LATN 20200:  INTERMEDIATE LATIN II:  4 Hour(s)  

INTERMEDIATE LATIN II: ~ Continuation of Latin 20100. Grammar will be reviewed as necessary, however, the emphasis rests upon translating and analyzing increasingly complex Latin texts from various authors. Both prose and poetry will be examined, and some attention will be given to the historical and cultural context of Latin literature. Prerequisite: Latin 20100 or permission.

Prerequisite: LATN 20100 or LATN 201

LATN 28100:  INDEPENDENT STUDY:  1-4 Hour(s)