ASL 12100:  AM SIGN LANG/DEAF CULTURE I:  4 Hour(s)  

INTRODUCTION TO SIGN LANGUAGE AND DEAF CULTURE I~ This class in the introductory course for American Sign Language as a world language credit. This course will focus on the visual-spatial language of ASL with emphasis on expressive/receptive communication skill building, vocabulary development, and grammatical structure development. Deaf Culture awareness and understanding of the Deaf Community will also be featured throught the course.

ASL 12200:  AM SIGN LANG/DEAF CULTRE II:  4 Hour(s)  

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE AND DEAF CULTURE II ~ This course builds on the knowledge and skills developed in ASL I. this course focuses on increased speed, fluency, vocabulary receptive skills and knowledge of grammatical structures. this course provides opportunities for students to continue to increase expressive communicative effectiveness using ASL with as emphasis on non-manuals. Students will further receptive skills and voice simple ASL sentences and paragraphs. Prerequisite: ASL 12100

Prerequisite: ASL 12100