Students should review the Class Schedule each semester for any SEM 28000: Special Topic course offerings.


ANCIENT HEALTH AND MEDICINE:CA ~ Who was Hippocrates and why do doctors still take a “Hippocratic Oath”? Did ancient Romans inadvertently poison themselves with lead from their water systems? Did Greek doctors actually perform brain surgery, without the aid of antibiotics or anesthesia? Were Roman baths a revolutionary advance in cleanliness and sanitation, or a warren of bacteria and disease? What caused the plague that struck Athens in the middle of the Peloponnesian War, and did the Athenians know how to stop it? These are only some of the questions we will investigate in this class as we examine ancient Greek and Roman medicine from a variety of perspectives. From the radical innovation of a logical and rational approach to disease by the first Greek doctors, to the evidence uncovered by archaeologists in Roman sewers, and the data extracted from ancient skeletons, we will explore what life and death were really like in the ancient Mediterranean. This course is accepted as an elective towards the Biomedical Humanities, Sociology, and Public Health programs.

Core: Social/Cultural Analysis Meth


THE ANCIENT WORLD IN FILM:CA ~ The purpose of this course is to compare cinematic adaptations of the classical texts with the original versions. After reading the translated works of selected Greek and Latin authors, students will view the film versions, paying close attention to where the directors have been faithful to the original, where there are divergences, and how successful the adaptations are. Movies to be analyzed will include those dealing with myth, epic, tragedy, comedy, and historical themes.

Core: Social/Cultural Analysis Meth

CLAS 28000:  SEM::  1-4 Hour(s)  


CLAS 28100:  INDEPENDENT STUDY:  1-4 Hour(s)