Additional Courses will be approved during the 19-20 Academic Year. 

CRLJ 10500:  LAW & SOCIETY:  4 Hour(s)  

ISSUES IN LAW AND SOCIETY ~ This course is an introduction to the American legal system (both civil and criminal law) and its relationship with social institutions. It provides students with knowledge about the connections between justice and society with particular emphasis on the law’s historical origins and its structure and function within society. Several topics such as types of crime, juveniles and criminality, minorities and criminality, and social control are discussed allowing for better understanding of the significant interaction between law and humanity.

CRLJ 18000:  WKSP:  1 Hour(s)  

WORKSHOP ~ This workshop will provide the opportunity for students to examine a special topic in Crime, Law and Justice. Through readings, discussions and written assignments there will be opportunities to evaluate the topic at issue. Workshops may be taken Pass/No Credit only. Students may take no more than nine workshops for credit toward graduation. Workshops can be used as elective credit only.

CRLJ 20100:  CRIMINOLOGY:  4 Hour(s)  

CRIMINOLOGY ~ This course explores how society defines crime, who gets labeled a “criminal,” and how we punish those who commit crimes. With an emphasis on the societal impact of crime and the many theories on why criminal behavior occurs; students will examine how criminality relates to the world around them. Several topics such as the multiple types of crime, measurement trends/patterns, hate crime, drugs, organized crime and more will be examined in relation to society at large.

Prerequisite: (CRLJ 10500 or SOAN 10500)

CRLJ 28000:  SEM:  4 Hour(s)  


CRLJ 28100:  INDEPENDENT STUDY:  1-4 Hour(s)  


CRLJ 29800:  FIELD EXPERIENCE:  1-4 Hour(s)  


CRLJ 38000:  SEM::  1-4 Hour(s)  


CRLJ 38100:  SPC TPC:  1-4 Hour(s)  


CRLJ 48000:  SENIOR SEMINAR:  1-4 Hour(s)  


CRLJ 48100:  INDEPENDENT RESEARCH:  1-4 Hour(s)  


CRLJ 49800:  INTERNSHIP:  4 Hour(s)