Prior to the start of traditional classes, students may add and drop courses through Web4Student for both the 12 and 3-week. After the beginning of the first day of the 15 week semester, students may swap one 3-week course for another, provided the instructor of the course the student is “swapping” into has signed the swap slip.

Beginning the day following the last day of 12-week finals and continuing through the third day of the 3-week, the swap form must have both the Associate Dean and instructor signatures. There is no fee for swapping 3-week courses prior to day-4 of the 3-week. Swapping one 3-week for another requires the Registrar’s Office to administratively drop the 3-week course initially registered for.

The faculty instructor is not expected to adjust course expectations for students who add a course after the beginning of a part of term, nor, in all cases, admit them to the course. Tuition is charged on a class cohort for 12-18 credit hours per semester. Extra hour charges will be billed for hours less than 12 or more than 18.

Students should note that any course receiving a “W” is counted in total billed hours. If a student adds additional hours because of withdrawing from a course and the added hours place the student above the tuition allotted 18 hours, the additional charges will be billed during the semester in which they are taken.

Please Note: Dropping, swapping, and withdrawing from courses at any point in the semester may affect tuition, financial aid, housing, and/or athletic eligibility. Students should consult with the appropriate College departments before making any course schedule changes. Students on academic probation are responsible for fulfilling the terms of probation as set forth by the Academic Review Board. If a student is unsure of the terms of probation, they should contact their advisor or the Registrar before making any course schedule changes.