Under the Hiram Semester Plan, each 15-week fall and spring semester is divided into two sessions: one session comprised of 12 weeks and one session of 3 weeks. Each session, 12-week and 3-week, is an integral component of the 30-week academic calendar year.

All students must register for classes during the scheduled registration period each semester. Prior to this official registration, students must meet with their faculty advisors during the scheduled conference period for advisor conferences to plan their academic work for the coming term. Transfer students who have been admitted to the College and have paid the non-refundable financial deposit and met with an academic advisor may register any time on or after their priority registration date for their class.

Students are responsible for completing all course requirements. A student must be registered for a course through the Registrar’s Office in order to earn academic credit. After registration, any changes in schedule must be made in accordance with the College’s add/drop policy.

All students are required to engage in one three- or four-hour course or an approved equivalent course block during the 3-week session in each semester that they are enrolled at Hiram College.

Graduating seniors who have completed all requirements for graduation at the end of the final 12-week session of their senior year are not required to register for course work in the subsequent 3-week session.

Only those students who are registered for a minimum of three credit hours of approved course work may reside in the residence halls during 3-week sessions. Requests for an exception to this policy must be made to the Office of Residential, Citizenship, and Commuter Education.

Furthermore, students must receive written permission by the associate dean of the College (written on an add slip provided by the associate dean) to register for more than four semester hours during the 3-week session