Hiram College courses may be audited with the permission of the instructor and are subject to class size or space restrictions. Students must formally register for the course either on-line or with an add slip, and complete an audit registration form in the Registrar’s Office. It is important to note that audited courses do not provide credits toward graduation. An audit fee is charged per credit hour; the student is subject to all the general college policies on withdrawal and refunds.

Students may change the grade mode of a course from a letter grade to an audit, or vice-versa, only during the first two weeks of the twelve week session or during the first three days of a three week session. Absolutely no changes from an audit to a letter grade or vice-versa will be permitted after these deadlines. Students are expected to fulfill regular attendance expectations and perform any additional tasks stipulated by the instructor. If these conditions are satisfactorily met, the audited course will be recorded on the student’s official transcript with the mark of AU (Audit). If these conditions are not met, the student will receive a mark of ANC (Audit No Credit).