Kevin P. Feisthamel, Executive Director of Health, Counseling, and Accessibility Services
B.A., University of Connecticut;
M.A., John Carroll University;
Ph.D., University of Akron

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The College makes every effort to provide reasonable assistance to students with permanent or temporary disabling conditions. In providing support services to students with special needs, our goal is not only to provide the support that is needed in order to have the opportunity for academic success here at Hiram, but also to help develop both the functional skills and the skills of self-advocacy that will help students in their lives after Hiram.

In order for accommodation requests to be considered, the following documentation must be provided: a self-disclosure form identifying the specific diagnosis of the disability; current documentation of the disability (a copy of the most recent IEP or 504 plan is helpful, but typically does not contain all of the documentation needed); educational, developmental and medical history relevant to the disability; copy of the most recent reports or evaluations containing the actual scores of testing/assessments; specific information as to how the disability impedes college life and academic performance; and suggested accommodations. The College reserves the right to require more detailed or more current documentation when necessary to consider accommodation requests. Students are encouraged to contact the Director of Disability Services early in their college career to discuss any anticipated special needs.