Daniel Fynes, Director, Campus Safety
B.S., Youngstown State University

K. Samuel Adams, Technical Specialist

Nikole Benjamin, Administrative Assistant

Web address: https://www.hiram.edu/campus-life/campus-safety/

The Office of Campus Safety is committed to making the Hiram College environment as safe as possible for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the campus. Campus safety officers collaborate closely with the Hiram Village police department and fire department to provide comprehensive public safety services. Services include issuing ID cards, assistance with meal and door swipes, patrolling campus and responding to emergency situations, securing campus facilities, and management of the College fleet vehicles. Campus parking is also under the auspices of Campus Safety. Information on campus parking policies can be found on the College website or online in the Student Handbook. While safety relies on people making sensible individual choices, the department complements individual choices with educational programs and services such as escorts after dark and personal safety programs. The Office of Campus Safety is located on the 2nd floor of the Kennedy Center. You can reach the office during the day by calling 330.569.5110, or 330.569.3211, option 1 or by pressing 0, option 1 on any campus phone. After business hours, weekends, and evenings, please call the duty phone at 330.469.4119.