Rev. Christopher McCreight, Chaplain
B.A., Hiram College
M.Div., Emory University

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Hiram College strives to sustain a pluralistic ethos that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of each and every student’s religious tradition and faith journey - all are welcome and all belong. The Fisher All-Faith Chapel and Meeting House and the Interfaith Prayer Room within the Library are sacred spaces designed to be shared by members of all faiths. The Chaplain is present to serve students of all traditions and students who are between and beyond any particular religious tradition. Rev. Chris McCreight offers spiritual counseling, connections to faith communities, and support for student-leaders of religious organizations. 

Hiram College recognizes the rich variation of intention among the student body: some students will want to continue to practice the tradition(s) they have grown into and some students will desire space and time from the tradition(s) of their youth to enter a new practice and ritual in this chapter of their life. The religious life office is present to support and accompany each and every student in their tenure at Hiram.