Web address: https://www.hiram.edu/student-resources/academic-support/

Faculty and Staff

Taylor Rahach, M.Ed.
Director of Academic Support

Courtney Mauck, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
Director of Writing Across the Curriculum

Stephanie Simpson, M.Ed.
Director of Emerging Scholars Program

Academic Coaching

Students who take advantage of this service will work one on one with professional staff to establish personally meaningful goals, develop an individualized self-management system, and learn effective study strategies based on their unique learning style. Students who participate will be engaged in a team effort with their professors, their faculty advisor, and other essential college resources to assist them in achieving their academic and personal goals.

Peer Tutoring

Academic Development offers a variety of free tutoring options for all students.

  • Drop-In Tutoring: Drop-in tutoring is offered throughout the week in the Library. Students can utilize this time to ask questions or receive assistance with course material and study skills.
  • 1-on-1 Tutoring: Students who need tutoring outside of the drop-in times or cannot make the drop-in times are able to request a 1-on-1 tutor. 1-on-1 tutoring is available for all students who are taking courses at Hiram College. These services can take place in-person or via Zoom.

Student Success Programming

Designed to assist all students, Academic Development offers many presentations and workshops throughout the year on a variety of academic success topics. Staff collaborate with instructors, residence hall staff, and campus clubs and organizations to plan a variety of events.

The Writing Center

Web address: https://www.hiram.edu/student-resources/academic-support/writing-center/

Directed by Dr. Courtney Mauck and located in the Library and other campus locations, the Writing Center exists to support the school's comprehensive commitment to writing. Students in all courses are encouraged to bring papers to the Writing Center at any stage in the writing process for feedback. Writing assistants--skilled writers of almost every major trained to help students improve their writing--work with Hiram students on papers, writing assignments, capstone projects, and other written work. The Center is open in the afternoon and evening Sunday through Thursday.

Emerging Scholars Program

Web address: https://www.hiram.edu/academics/undergraduate-studies/emerging-scholars-program/

Directed by Stephanie Simpson, the Emerging Scholars Program allows students to take their experiences and opportunities for academic enrichment, professional development and interdisciplinary discourse to new heights. The program provides academic, social, and cultural enrichment; courses and activities tailored to enhance academic performance; and sustained support for selected students during their first year of study. Emerging Scholars are given the tools and encouragement that will help them maximize on their ability to thrive in the classroom and in broader areas of campus life.