The Thrive Learning Center

The Thrive Learning Center (TLC), located on the second floor of the Frohring Music Building, empowers students to achieve success in college — and beyond. The Thrive Learning Center is a comprehensive fee-based support program for college students with learning differences and diagnoses that impact educational environments. The mission of TLC is to provide personalized support and services exceeding those required by law, to degree seeking students with documented disabilities for academic and career success.

At the Thrive Learning Center students are not seen as a student with a disability, but as a college student with abilities. Through our fee-based services including academic tutoring, weekly progress check-ups, academic accommodation support, and support for emotional wellness and career readiness, students discover that they can pursue their passions.

The Thrive Learning Center at Hiram College is available to any degree-seeking Hiram student who has a documented disability, diagnosis or learning difference. Typical documented disabilities and learning differences include neurodivergent conditions, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities/disorders, mental health diagnoses, health related diagnoses, and disorders of executive functioning. More information can be found on the Thrive webpage.