Nicole Gatrell, M.A.Ed.
Director of Academic Advising, International Student Advisor

Sherman Dean, II
Professional Academic and Transfer Student Advisor

Kelly Bancroft, M.F.A.
Professional Academic, Graduate, and Health Humanities Advisor

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The goal of advising at Hiram College is to support the whole student, fostering their academic, personal, and professional development over their career at Hiram. The Academic Advising Office supports Hiram College’s advising system and provides convenient drop-in or online advising support for all students.

First-Year Program Advising

In their first year, students are guided by a faculty advisor—the instructor teaching their UCS 10101 (Enduring Questions Seminar) or UCS 20201(Addressing Urgent Questions) course. These faculty advisors will lead students through Hiram’s academic programs and Hiram Connect requirements. Because they have incoming students together in a class, faculty advisors are accessible, are able to provide consistent information, and can address common advising issues.

Additionally, the Academic Advising Office supports all students in their first year. Students who need extra support—such as transfer students or first-year nursing students—are assigned a secondary advisor to assure a successful start at Hiram. These academic advisors inform students of key deadlines and program requirements and coordinate with faculty advisors to assure that no student is neglected.

Advising After Major Declaration

Some students know their path early and will move in the spring semester of their first year from their faculty advisor to a major advisor in their program of choice. Others will take their time in declaring a major, and may wait until the end of their sophomore year before declaring. When students declare a major, they are advised by a faculty member from their program of study. Major advisors help students plan their course of study, think through plans for Hiram Connect experiences of internships, independent research, or study away, and prepare for their senior capstone experience.

As students work through and reflect upon declaring their major, they can continue to rely upon advisors in the Academic Advising Office to answer questions, to aid in shifting majors, or for last-minute help when their major advisor is not available.