Minor Requirements

Course related to Public Leadership4
Course related to Public Leadership4
Course related to Public Leadership3
Total Hours22

INTD 24100 PUBLIC LEADERSHIP: Central to public leadership is the ability to connect public issues and policy solutions. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the course will study public policy analysis – the process by which an issue becomes public and the debates regarding appropriate courses of action. Students will understand and apply relevant theories and skills through an examination of cases involving policy issues. These issues may at times focus on broad societal concerns (e.g. environment, education, healthcare, global security) or a specific policy issue (e.g. international trade agreements or social security). Students enrolled in the course will have opportunities for mentoring, participation in the Garfield seminars (as a Scholar or as an attendee), and community service.

POLS 29100 GARFIELD CTR PUBLIC LEADERSHIP: This is a one credit hour course which consists of the activities which are engaged in by the Garfield scholars each semester, via their participation in the GCPL.

POLS 49800 INTERNSHIP: All students in the minor must complete an internship relevant to the minor and individual career interests. Internship opportunities are available through the Bliss Institute and the Washington Semester. A variety of other internship opportunities may also be pursued in nongovernmental organizations, nonprofits, and other international institutions here or abroad. The minor offers the opportunity for students to focus in one of two career areas. Students will choose 13 hours of electives with the approval of a Garfield advisor. These electives should complement and extend a major area of study and the student’s long term career objectives. Each student, in consultation with the advisor, will submit a statement of intent and the proposed course of study to the Garfield Advisory Committee. For more information, contact Professor James Thompson, Director of the Garfield Center for Public Leadership.

In addition to these required courses, students in the minor must take an additional three courses, approved by the director of the Garfield Center for Public Leadership, relating to public leadership.