Physical Education Instructional Program

Students in all majors  may take any of the physical education (PHED) courses as an elective and will count toward the 120 semester hours required for graduation. The goals of the curriculum are to provide evaluation, testing, and instruction regarding general health and quality of life through recreation and development of the entire person through the wellness concept. The student has a choice of two alternatives to fulfill this goal, utilizing various facilities including an expansive fitness center and strength training room; a large athletic training room; swimming pool; three large indoor gymnasiums for sports or functional testing and movement analysis; outdoor athletic venues; and classrooms.

One alternative develops the student's wellness in a combination of two courses, PHED 20000 WELLNESS & FITNESS FOR LIFE and either PHED 20300 FITNESS MANAGEMENT. Students become knowledgeable about lifetime fitness and health and how to implement wellness into their personal lifestyles.

The second alternative allows the student to take any of the one-hour courses that will serve as an introduction to a variety of lifetime activities that contribute to the wellness concept. All courses listed are not repeatable.

Course Descriptions

PHED 11100:  SCUBA DIVING:  1 Hour(s)  

SCUBA DIVING ~ There is an additional cost with this course.

PHED 11200:  ADVANCED SCUBA DIVING:  1 Hour(s)  

ADVANCED SCUBA DIVING ~ There is an additional cost with this course.

Prerequisite: PHED 11100

PHED 13200:  RACQUETBALL:  1 Hour(s)  


PHED 13500:  SELF DEFENSE:  1 Hour(s)  


PHED 14200:  GOLF:  1 Hour(s)  


PHED 15400:  HORSEMANSHIP I:  1 Hour(s)  

HORSEMANSHIP I ~ Additional fee for this course.

PHED 15500:  HORSEMANSHIP II:  1 Hour(s)  

HORSEMANSHIP II ~ Additional fee for this course.

Prerequisite: PHED 15400

PHED 15600:  HORSEMANSHIP III:  1 Hour(s)  

HORSEMANSHIP III ~ Additional fee for this course.

Prerequisite: PHED 15500

PHED 15700:  HORSEMANSHIP IV:  1 Hour(s)  

HORSEMANSHIP IV ~ Additional fee for this course.

Prerequisite: PHED 15600

PHED 16400:  SWIM/STAY FIT:  1 Hour(s)  


PHED 16500:  WEIGHT TRAINING I:  1 Hour(s)  


PHED 16700:  WEIGHT TRAINING II:  1 Hour(s)  


Prerequisite: PHED 16500

PHED 18000:  WKSP::  1 Hour(s)  

WORKSHOP ~ This workshop will provide the opportunity for students to examine a special topic in Physical Education. Through readings, discussions and written assignments there will be opportunities to evaluate the topic at issue. Workshops may be taken Pass/No Credit only. Students may take no more than nine workshops for credit toward graduation. Workshops can be used as elective credit only.

PHED 20000:  WELLNESS & FITNESS FOR LIFE:  2 Hour(s)  

WELLNESS AND FITNESS FOR LIFE ~ The study and application of the various contributions of physical activity and wellness concepts in achieving a state of total well-being, which encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of the whole person. Students enrolling in PHED 20000 should also enroll in either PHED 20300 or PHED 20700 in order to have 3 credit hours in the 3-week session.

PHED 20100:  AQUATIC STUDIES:  1 Hour(s)  

AQUATIC STUDIES ~ An exploration of essential skills, knowledge, and social behavior associated with various aquatic sports activities. An emphasis on personal water safety practices and unique benefits of aquatic activities to enhance a wellness state of being.

PHED 20300:  FITNESS MANAGEMENT:  1 Hour(s)  

FITNESS MANAGEMENT ~ An exposure to proper conditioning principles and the means to achieve lifetime fitness through practical application of these principles. Students will have the opportunity to utilize various pieces of equipment and techniques to actively pursue a healthy fitness environment. They will develop physical, emotional, and social well-being through the advantages of a healthy lifestyle, mind, and body. This course should be taken con-currently with PHED 20000.

Prerequisite: PHED 20000 (may be taken concurrently)

PHED 20400:  MARTIAL ART FORMS:  1 Hour(s)  

MARTIAL ART FORMS ~ An exploration of essential skills, knowledge, and social behavior associated with various martial art forms. An emphasis on developing an awareness of the "embodiment'' principle of mind, body, and spirit for self-realization, enlightenment, and an inner state of total well-being.

PHED 20500:  OUTDOOR PURSUITS:  1 Hour(s)  

OUTDOOR PURSUITS ~ An exposure to and practical experiences involving physical activities generally performed in the outdoors. An emphasis will be on teaching specific skills necessary to undertake outdoor experiences. The course will be designed around the weather so that appropriate outdoor activities are experienced.

PHED 20600:  RACQUET SPORTS:  1 Hour(s)  

RACQUET SPORTS ~ A progressing introduction to racquet sports including historical perspective, fundamentals, rules, drills, strategies, and comparative analysis and techniques for racquetball, tennis, squash, and badminton.

PHED 20700:  RECREATIONAL SPORTS:  1 Hour(s)  

RECREATIONAL SPORTS ~ Students will explore a wide variety of lifetime sports and skills that will develop the emotional, social, and physical aspects of wellness. Students will have an opportunity to cognitively develop an understanding of rules and basic skills of recreational sports.

PHED 28000:  SEM::  1-4 Hour(s)  


PHED 38000:  SEM::  1-4 Hour(s)  


PHED 38100:  SPC TPC::  1-4 Hour(s)  


PHED 41200:  PHYSIOLOGY: MUSC ACT & EXER:  4 Hour(s)  

PHYSIOLOGY OF MUSCULAR ACTIVITY AND EXERCISE ~ This course presents an analysis of the physiological effects of muscular activity and exercise upon the human body during various levels of stress. The primary focus assesses changes in the physiological system of the body relative to neuromuscular, cardiorespiratory, metabolic control and adaptation, and heat and fluid regulation during physical activity. Prerequisite: BIOL 13100 or permission. (Laboratory Required.)