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The minor in public leadership is a curricular element of the Garfield Center for Public Leadership whose mission is to prepare students for leadership in matters of public policy, foreign and domestic. It is grounded in the liberal arts education that Hiram College has maintained throughout its history. The GCPL also serves to inform the public by bringing to campus persons whose own responsible leadership enables them to clarify issues of public policy. The minor in public leadership combines interdisciplinary teaching and experience to prepare students for careers of service in multiple publics. The minor develops vision, knowledge and practical skills to foster a new generation of policy makers. Through coursework and participation in opportunities on and off campus, students develop self-understanding and the insight and abilities from multiple disciplines for successful careers in public service, nonprofit organizations, and international institutions.

Career Opportunities for Minors in Public Leadership

Public Leadership in Local, State and Federal Government

Students with interests in careers in government at the local, state, or federal levels may pursue positions in the executive, legislative or judicial branches. Working in a wide variety of government agencies, serving as support staff for elected officials, and/or running for public office are all possible career options for students after graduation. Successful leaders in these careers will require a broad understanding of political, social, economic, and legal institutions within which problems are identified and policies are shaped, as well as the abilities essential to engage effectively in the process of developing and implementing policy decisions.

Public Leadership in International Affairs

Students with interests in diplomatic, consular, commercial, and overseas cultural and information services may pursue positions as administrative, economic, and political officers for government agencies such as the Department of State or Commerce or with a variety of nongovernmental organizations here and abroad. Successful leaders in these careers will require a broad understanding of international institutions, economic and security concerns, and power relations influencing policy decisions. The study of at least one foreign language at the 20100-level or the equivalent is required. Electives in the minor may concentrate in specific public policy domains to complement a major field of study.


James A Thompson, (2008) Professor of Political Science; Director of the Garfield Center for Public Leadership
B.A., St. Mary's College;
M.A., Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Kathy Luschek, Associate Director, Garfield Center for Public Leadership

Other faculty and visiting scholars contribute to the courses in this program.

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