The international studies minor provides an interdisciplinary perspective on contemporary global issues, dynamics, societies, and cultures.  It is meant to complement a student’s primary major either by adding an international component to that major or by strengthening an existing international emphasis within the major.  This can be achieved regionally and/or thematically.  The international studies minor is designed to help prepare students for graduate study and/or professional careers in a variety of fields in which an awareness of the growing economic, political, social, and cultural interdependence of the world is important.  This is accomplished by giving students flexibility and an opportunity to design their own course of study, within the structural parameters of the minor.

Minor Requirements

The international studies minor consists of six courses with a minimum total of 20 semester hours, in addition to language competency.

Gateway Courses
Select one of the following:3-4
Additional Courses
Select an additional five courses 115-20
Total Hours18-24

Of the remaining five courses, one must be interdisciplinary and all of the other four must be chosen from at least two different disciplines outside of the student’s major(s).

Proficiency in a language at the 20200-level is required. A study-abroad course is strongly recommended, but not required. A student interested in the international studies minor must produce a clear statement of purpose and a list of relevant courses, and must explain how the proposed course of study contributes to the stated purpose. This statement of purpose and corresponding list of courses must be submitted and approved by the international studies minor coordinator before a student can declare the minor no later than the end of a student’s junior year.