Undergraduate and Graduate Grading System

Letter Grades Grade Points Description
A 4.00 points per hour Excellent (undergraduate)
Superior (graduate)
A- 3.67 points per hour
B+ 3.33 points per hour
B 3.00 points per hour Very Good (all levels)
B- 2.67 points per hour
C+ 2.33 points per hour
C 2.00 points per hour Satisfactory (undergraduate)
Below Average (graduate)
C- 1.67 points per hour
D+ 1.33 points per hour
D 1.00 points per hour Poor (undergraduate)
Not awarded (graduate)
D- 0.67 points per hour
F 0 points or credits Failure (all levels)
NF 0 points or credits Never attended-Failure (all levels)
SF 0 points or credits Stopped attending-Failure (all levels)
I not computed Incomplete
NR not computed Grade Not Reported
W not computed Withdrew
AU not computed Audit
ANC not computed Audit No Credit
P not computed Pass/No Credit Pass
NC not computed Pass/No Credit

The mark F means failing work; the mark NF means the student never attended the course and therefore failed; the mark SF means the student stopped attending the course and therefore failed. These marks are computed in the grade-point average.

A failed course must be repeated at Hiram College if the student is to receive credit in the grade point average. Successful repetition of the work does not remove the original grade from the transcript but does remove the F from the student’s grade-point average. The grade earned from the most recent enrollment in a repeated course is computed in the student’s grade-point average. (See Course Repeat Policy for additional information)

The mark P indicates passing work (grade of C- or higher) without specific reference to quality; it is not included in the grade-point average. The grades NC (no credit), AU (audit), ANC (no credit in audit course), and I (incomplete) are not included in the grade-point average. The NR (grade not reported) is not included in the grade-point average and is only assigned by the Registrar’s Office in cases where no grade has been reported by faculty.

Grade-Point Average

To determine a student’s grade-point average, the total number of points earned is divided by the total number of graded hours attempted, which are also known as GPA hours. Thus, a student taking 30 hours of work and earning 90 points would have a grade-point average of 3.00. Grades of W, P, NC, ANC, I, and NR are not included in this computation. When a course is repeated, the grade from the most recent enrollment in the course is the grade included in the student’s grade-point average. See each academic department for procedures to determine grade point average in program/departmental majors.