Major and general education requirements that are in effect the year (known as the catalog year) when the student initially enters Hiram College will remain in effect for the student during the five-year period from his/her date of entrance.

Students who wish to return to the College after being withdrawn for longer than a calendar year and have First-year or Sophomore standing (55 or fewer earned hours) will be required to complete the current general education requirements, which may or may not be the same as those of the initial catalog year.

Students with Junior or Senior standing will be required to complete the general education and major requirements of their initial catalog year. However, students who have been withdrawn from the college for longer than four years beyond their initial catalog year should be aware that Hiram College cannot guarantee the initial catalog year’s general education and major requirements will be accommodated. Moreover, any special arrangements for meeting the major requirements may be withdrawn after a one-year period.

Questions regarding general education requirements for readmitted traditional students should be directed to the Registrar's Office.