Students in academic good standing who qualify for any of the following may apply in the Vice President & Dean of Students Office for a Leave of Absence:

  1. Students studying or traveling away, but with Hiram College advisor and Associate Dean approval.
  2. Students working on an incomplete grade authorized by a Hiram College faculty member.
  3. A senior who needs one or more courses that are only offered the following semester (graduation audit required).
  4. A student who needs a semester off in order to remain in the sequence of a particular program (advisor approval required).
  5. Students participating in a Hiram College approved 3/2 program, or other accelerated collaborative program.
  6. Students called to active duty in the military (military order required).
  7. Students who have been approved by the Associate Academic Dean to finish course hours elsewhere needed to fulfill graduation requirements.

Students on an approved Leave of Absence may stop out for a period of time not to exceed two semesters. Extension of a Leave of Absence may only be permitted with express authorization by the Dean of the College. The student should contact the Registrar’s Office when ready to return to campus.

An administrative Leave of Absence may be granted if one of the above criteria is met and the student is unable to complete the paperwork, or at the discretion of the Vice President and Dean of Students or Associate Dean of the College.

Note: A student who fails to return from an authorized Leave of Absence will be withdrawn from Hiram College as of the date the student last attended classes. Students should note that even an approved Leave of Absence may have financial aid and graduation consequences.