Hiram College operates on the Rolling Admission Plan for First-Year students and adheres to the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s Statement of Principles of Good Practice. Most First-Year students enrolling for the fall semester at Hiram for the first time apply for admission, notify the institution of their intent to accept their offer of admission, and pay their commitment deposits by the preceding May 1. Hiram will offer admission to qualified students as their credentials arrive until we project that we will reach our First-Year student capacity. In general, because our distinctive First-Year program is integral to establishing student success, First-Year students are only admitted for the fall semester. Spring and summer semester application may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Application and credential review is holistic and there is no single set of fixed criteria that solely determines admissibility to Hiram. Each admission application and its supporting credentials are carefully read and given individual consideration. Hiram College reserves the right to make the final determination of a student’s admissibility to the College.

First-Year students entering the Traditional College at Hiram are required to submit the following credentials in order to be considered for admission:

  • A completed Application for Admission – We accept both hard copy and on-line applications, although on-line applications are preferred. As of the publication of this catalog, Hiram is a participating member with The Common Application consortium.
  • Official secondary school transcripts with proof of completion or other recognized equivalent. Failure to submit these documents no later than the second Friday of the term of entry may result in the student being denied admission and removed from courses and housing. Please see the Financial Aid section in this catalog for information regarding these documents and the disbursement of federal financial aid.

Important supporting credentials for First-Year students entering the Traditional College at Hiram include:

  • Results from either the ACT or SAT – ** Test-Optional Admission Policy** Check with The Office of Admission for up-to date information concerning this policy. Hiram College recognizes that standardized testing isn’t always an accurate measurement of a student’s academic abilities. Respectively, Hiram is committed to looking at the whole person.

    While students are encouraged to take the ACT or SAT and to submit their test scores as a part of their application, those with a 2.8 or higher GPA (those below a 2.8 need test scores) and a strong college preparatory curriculum history may waive this requirement. Exceptions include nursing students, teacher licensure students, as well as those interested in applying for a Trustee Scholarship or Presidential Scholarship. For these students, ACT or SAT scores are required for eligibility consideration. Partnership programs such as the BA to MD (Northeast Ohio Medical University) and the BA to DDM (Dental Medicine with CWRU) require ACT scores for admission.

    The preferred method of submitting ACT or SAT scores to Hiram is by listing Hiram College as a score recipient at the time of test registration. Hiram’s ACT code number is 3280; the SAT code number is 1297.

Note: Students who participate in Ohio’s College Credit Plus or similar programs in other states where high school students enroll in college courses for credit prior to obtaining a high school diploma should supply official transcripts from any and all colleges and universities they have attended. These students are to apply to Hiram College as First-Year students and not transfer students.

While admission to Hiram College is based upon a holistic review of the application and credentials, students admitted to Hiram generally have the following in common:

  • Successful completion of a challenging secondary school college preparatory curriculum with grades generally reflecting above average to superior academic attainment in the following subject areas:
    • 4 units of English
    • 3 units of mathematics; 4 units preferred
    • 3 units of science; including 2 units of lab sciences preferred
    • 3 units of social sciences
    • 2 units of the same foreign language
    • 1 unit of the arts

While demonstrated academic achievement as evidenced by the academic record is the most important criterion for admission, other factors which may be used to determine admission include:

  • An in-person interview – While in-person interviews are not required for admission, they are strongly encouraged. Qualities such as seriousness of purpose, emotional maturity, and breadth and depth of interests may affect the admission decision. Interviews may also provide admission professionals with insights into academic record patterns.
  • Co-curricular participation/excellence/leadership, community service, Hiram affinity, or employment records – Hiram seeks students who will enhance our learning community in and out of the classroom. We look for students who have developed talents and leadership skills in co-curricular student groups, community service opportunities, sectarian and non-sectarian groups outside of school, as well as in the arts and athletics.
  • A graded writing sample or essay.
  • Hiram encourages the enrollment of legacy students.

Please review the Admissions Application Process at http://www.hiram.edu/academics/undergraduate/apply/

First-Year students may begin to apply for fall admission to Hiram’s Traditional College beginning the summer preceding the start of a student’s 12th grade year or equivalent. Hiram awards institutional academic-based and need-based gift assistance on a rolling basis throughout the admission cycle. However, to be eligible for maximum scholarship consideration, completed Applications for Admission and all supporting credentials should be submitted by the 1st of December proceeding the subsequent academic year for which applicants wish to enroll. Hiram College reserves the right to revoke offers of admission to students who do not successfully complete their final semester(s) of enrollment following the offer of admission or whose level of academic achievement varies significantly from their record at the time of the offer of admission. Students who have been admitted to the College are required to pay a non-refundable financial deposit and submit written intent of their desire to accept their offers of admission by deadlines given to them at the time of the offer of admission. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of the offer of admission without notice.

First-Year students should contact the Office of Admission, located in Teachout-Price Hall, at 800.362.5280 or visit us at http://www.hiram.edu/admission for information about visiting Hiram College and obtaining up-to-date application information.