Hiram Connect, effective Fall 2015, requires new first-year students to integrate and apply classroom learning with high-impact out-of-classroom experiences, strengthening intentional career exploration and personal development through reflection.

Over the course of their time at Hiram, students will develop critical reflection skills that will enhance their ability to analyze Hiram Connect experiences and their lives beyond college. Experiences such as study abroad or study away, research, and/or internships will drive students to analyze key concepts from their coursework in order to refine or challenge previously held assumptions and expectations, articulate their personal growth in relation to future goals, and consider their relationships to their communities and the world.

Decisions about what to major in, how to complete their required Connect Experience, and what classes to take should not be taken lightly. To guide students in making the best possible decisions for themselves and their futures, Hiram Connect facilitates meaningful reflection at four important academic milestones, and throughout the curriculum.

Detailed information to better understand the Four Steps/Components of Connect can be found at http://www.hiram.edu/connect/