Capstone Experience

Connect Capstone Project

Before you graduate, you'll complete a capstone project, which draws upon four years of your interdisciplinary Hiram liberal arts education.

Every Hiram College major requires an independent Capstone Experience in which students will complete a directed experience (minimum of 1 credit hour) in the form of a specific course, independent research study, or internship project, done late in a student’s program (preferably after 90 or more credits). A formal departmental, campus-wide, or public (at Hiram or elsewhere) presentation must be a part of this experience.

The goals of this Capstone Experience are to work independently, to integrate aspects of the major program in a coherent fashion, to reflect on progress toward personal and professional goals, and to demonstrate mature communication skills including writing.

Graduating seniors are required to present capstone projects publicly and gain feedback from the community, family and friends.