Each year financial resources are assessed to determine the level of funding necessary to provide a quality education for those students attending Hiram College. The tuition and fees for the MAIS program are set in the fall semester for each academic year (including summer). Information about MAIS tuition and fees can be obtained by contacting the Office of Professional and Graduate Studies (330) 569-5161 or the Office of Student Accounts (330) 569-5114.

Financial Assistance

Statements are sent directly to students, and include any charges, financial aid awards, and payments received each semester. Payments not made when due are subject to a late fee at the end of each month. Lack of payment will jeopardize enrollment for future terms. Payment must be arranged by one of the following methods before classes begin each semester:

  1. Payment in full (or arrangements for financial aid completed)
  2. Enrollment in a formal payment plan
  3. Payment of the service fee if eligible for the tuition deferment plan

Installment Plan

Hiram College offers students the opportunity to participate in a four-month payment plan. To be eligible for this plan, students must complete a payment plan enrollment form and return it, along with their payment of the first installment and the plan fee, to the Office of Student Accounts no later than the first weekend of the semester. The plan fee is currently $37.50.

Deferment Plan

Some companies offer some type of tuition assistance to employees who continue their education. Hiram College will permit students who receive reimbursement of education expenses from their employers to defer payment of their tuition until forty (40) days after the posting of semester grades. After this forty (40) day grace period, a late fee may be assessed. In addition, students must complete a deferment form and submit it with the required service fee to the Office of Student Accounts no later than the first weekend of the semester. Students must apply every semester they wish to participate in the Deferment plan. The service fee is currently $50.00.

Financial Aid

Students may need to supplement their financial resources with student loans. Students who are enrolled for at least four hours, who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and who meet the federal criteria for need, are eligible for Stafford Loans under the Federal Family Education Loan Program. Consideration for eligibility is based on the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available at www.fafsa.ed.gov (Hiram’s Code is: 003049), and a Professional and Graduate Studies Financial Aid application.