Registration Deadlines

The registration period begins around the fifth weekend of each semester and ends prior to the start of a class. Registration for a class will not be accepted after the class has begun. Registration can be performed through Web for Students in consultation with a professional academic advisor. As courses may fill quickly, students are encouraged to register early. If enrollment in a course is low, the course may be cancelled. This decision will be made as early as possible in order to give students an opportunity to choose another course or make other arrangements.

Auditing Courses

A limited number of spaces in selected courses may be available to auditors, and students taking the course for credit have priority in registration. Students are expected to fulfill regular attendance expectations and perform any additional tasks stipulated by the instructor. If these conditions are satisfactorily met, the audited course will be recorded on the student’s official transcript with the mark of AU (Audit). If these conditions are not met, the student will receive a mark of ANC (Audit No Credit). Once the designation of audit has been selected it may never be changed to a grade or be applied toward a degree in the future. Students may not register to audit courses after the first meeting of the class. Students who wish to change their registration status from credit to audit must do so before the first class meeting.

Registration for Additional Courses and Course Changes

Graduate courses are designed to generate intense participation by all students. Courses are academically rigorous and demand the student’s full participation beginning with the first class, which may require advance reading. Every class meeting constitutes a substantial and crucial part of the course, and students are expected to attend every class. Therefore, students must register for courses or add courses to their schedules before the class has begun.

Any student who needs to withdraw from a course or courses must do so through Web for Students, submit appropriate withdrawal forms to the registrar’s office, and/or contact their professional academic advisor before course withdrawal can occur. Students can contact the associate dean’s office for additional information pertaining to course withdrawals.

Ceasing to attend a class, never attending, or simply notifying an instructor does not constitute an official withdrawal from a course. Before the start of the term, students may withdraw through Web for Students. After the term begins, students may withdraw using an appropriate drop form available on the registrar’s office web page or by notifying their professional academic advisor in writing. Emailed requests for withdrawal must come from your Hiram email account. Any tuition refunds for course(s) will be subject to the Hiram College withdrawal refund schedule. Any and all tuition refunds are based upon the date that a student “officially” notifies the registrar’s office. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the course has been withdrawn and that any outstanding financial obligations with the College are met.

A student required to leave the College for disciplinary or academic reasons is not entitled to any refund. Refunds of financial aid from the federal and state programs are governed by the respective regulations.

Withdrawal Refund and Grade Notation Schedule

Regardless of course delivery mode (online asynchronous, online synchronous, or blended), deadlines for withdrawal are based upon the start date for the part of term. Students are responsible for checking the Hiram College academic calendar for term start dates. Students have access to course Moodle sites one week prior to the start of term and are thus able to evaluate courses prior to the first day of the term.    

  • Prior to the first day for the start of part of term, students will receive a full refund of tuition charges.
  • From the date of the start of term through the first week, students will receive a 75% refund of tuition charges and no notation will appear on their transcript.
  • After the first week of the part of term and before the second week of the part of term ends, students will receive a 50% refund of tuition charges and a grade of ‘W’ will appear on their transcript.
  • From the beginning of the third week of the part of term through the end of the term, students will not receive any refund of tuition charges and a grade of ‘W’ will appear on their transcript.
  • Students who drop their course after the start of the last week of the class session will receive an ‘F’ on their transcripts.

Registering for Undergraduate Courses

Upon occasion, graduate students may find it useful to enroll in an undergraduate course at Hiram College either as an audit or for undergraduate credit. This may be done to acquire needed background for a graduate-level course or for a particular research interest. Graduate students may register for undergraduate courses after approval by the associate dean of academic affairs. Tuition and fees will be based on the per-credit-hour rate established for undergraduate study.

Graduate Course Availability for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates with senior standing and a grade point average of at least 3.0 may ask for program and/or associate dean permission to take graduate courses. Undergraduates may enroll in a maximum of 6 graduate credits. Up to three graduate credits earned at the undergraduate level may be applied to graduate certificate programs.