Christopher Byrne, Academic Advisor
Amber Chenoweth, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Karyne “Missie” Mallinak, Academic Support Coordinator
Brittany Taylor, Adademic Advisor
Evangeline “Litsa” Varonis, Instructional Designer
Samantha Voss, Enrollment and Partnership Coordinator

CAS Office

Hinsdale Hall suite 205

The Center for Adult Studies (CAS), located in Hinsdale Hall, offers a variety of programs for adult undergraduate and graduate students. We engage students through small class sizes, relevant coursework, and professional educators. Our nationally respected, liberal arts curriculum is designed to be convenient and flexible to fit the specific needs and lifestyle of adult learners. The CAS Office manages the academic programs and courses within the Weekend College, Community College Partnerships, online programs, off-campus programs (e.g. Northwoods), graduate studies, including summer graduate courses for professional educators, and Hiram’s undergraduate summer school offerings. 

The History of the Weekend College

Hiram College has long been a pioneer in curricular reform. In September 1977, the College instituted Ohio’s first Weekend College, an innovative program to offer Hiram’s traditional undergraduate courses to adults. Hiram is also distinguished by its long-standing commitment of off-campus and international education.

It was clear from the outset that a program designed for adults had to be serious and rigorous, while at the same time it had to be responsive to the specific needs of the adult learners. The structure of the Weekend College has proven to be an attractive alternative to evening programs as it has responded directly to both the demands and capabilities of adults for concentrated learning.

Classes meet on alternate weekends in a blended format with 50% of coursework on ground and 50% online. Face-to-face meetings take place between Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon. This format is possible because adult learners are highly motivated and capable of assuming a significant amount of independent study.