The College Catalog is published yearly and covers the academic policies and requirements in effect for the fall, spring and summer terms of that year.


  1. A student's catalog year comprises the academic policies and degree requirements, which are established in the Catalog that is in force during the student's first term of enrollment.
  2. Students may opt to update their catalog year to a more recent Catalog, in doing so students must comply with all requirements therein.
  3. Students attending Hiram College under an articulation agreement are subject to the terms of that agreement.


  1. Students who leave and return to Hiram College after one academic year (or two semesters and the summer term for traditional students), or two consecutive semesters for Professional and Graduate Studies students, or more are readmitted under the current Catalog-in-force. Readmitted students are not permitted to return to inactivated majors or minors.
  2. Changes may be made to programs to comply with accreditation, licensure, or state or federal regulations. These changes may necessitate students update to a more recent Catalog.
  3. Degree requirements may change based upon availability of resources or faculty. The Dean of the College will identify suitable arrangements for the completion of these programs.

Individual student needs not addressed above will be referred to the Dean of the College.

Notice of Change of Regulations: College Disclaimer

Every effort is made to ensure the information contained in this document is accurate at the time of publication; however, Hiram College reserves the right to amend degree requirements, courses, college calendars, catalogs, schedules, fees, academic and other College policies and procedures as relevant to the mission and operation of the College without prior notice. All amendments will be communicated to the campus community by the appropriate College officials.