Minor Requirements

There are many advantages in adding a foreign language minor to your degree path. Learning a second language provides you with linguistic skills and cultural knowledge necessary for thriving in an increasingly global community where languages are extremely useful in many differing areas, ranging from business and commerce to medicine.

A minor in Spanish consists of at least five courses in Spanish beyond SPAN 20100 INTERMEDIATE SPANISH I:EW and totaling at least 18 hours, chosen in consultation with Spanish faculty.

Requirements of a Concentration in Spanish for the Professions within the Spanish Minor

The concentration in Spanish for the Professions is designed for students who anticipate careers in which they will need to interact with Hispanic communities in the U.S. or abroad and who wish to continue the study of Spanish language and culture for specific professional purposes: business, industry, commerce, civil service, law, media, economics, health and social sciences.

The concentration in Spanish for the Professions has the same basic requirements as the Spanish minor, but four of those 18 credit hours must be fulfilled with one-credit hour courses focused on Spanish for the Professions: Spanish for Healthcare Professionals, Spanish for Business, Spanish Translation and Advanced Spanish for Healthcare Professionals, Advanced Spanish for Business, or Advanced Spanish Translation.