Minor Requirements

To qualify for a gender studies minor, students must take INTD 31400 MASCULINITY-FEMININITY:CA,UD. They must also complete additional gender studies courses for a total of 18 credit hours. The most common structure is to take five additional courses of 3-4 credit hours, but students can also take a range of 1-credit courses to complete part of the requirements. No more than three classes in any given discipline can count towards a gender studies minor (i.e. taking four classes in women’s history would only fulfill three gender studies course requirements).

Gender Studies Courses

This list is not comprehensive. If there are courses not listed here that seem to qualify (such as occasional special topics seminars), please check with a gender studies coordinator to confirm that it will count towards the minor.

Courses that count toward the gender studies minor are identified in the comments section of each semester's class schedule.

INTD 30120AGING, SEX & THE BODY (offered every other year)4
INTD 32900GENDER AND CREATIVITY (offered yearly in the Weekend College)3
INTD 31400MASCULINITY-FEMININITY:CA,UD (required; offered every other year)3
BIMD 37500ISSUES IN WOMEN'S HEALTH:ES (offered every other year)4
COMM 32400GENDER COMMUNICATION:CA (offered every other year)3
ENGL 24100LIT PERSPECTIVE ON WOMEN:IM,CA (offered every 2-3 years)3
FREN 38000SEM: (offered every 2-3 years)1-4
HIST 22400MOD EURO WOMEN AND GNDER:CA,EW (offered every other year)4
HIST 23020BROTHEL TO FACTORY:CA,EW (offered every other year)4
HIST 25650HIST GEN&SEX E ASIA:CA,EW (offered every other year)3
SOAN 38000SEM: (Work and Family)1-4