Minor Requirements

  • 18 Credit Hours
  • Introductory course ENGL 20600 INTRO TO LITERARY STUDIES:IM  (4 credit hours)

Students will acquire a fundamental knowledge of genre, literary conventions, literary theory and historical and literary traditions that will form the foundation for the study of 30000- and 40000-level courses. They will also develop skills in writing and literary analysis.

Distributed Electives (14 credit hours)

Students completing the English minor must take at least 14 credit hours of English courses in addition to ENGL 20600 INTRO TO LITERARY STUDIES:IM. These courses must include at least one pre-1800 literature course and one post-1800 literature course, at least one 40000-level course, and courses representing at least two of these three areas: British literature, American literature, world literature.

Majoring and Minoring in Writing

Students completing the English minor may not combine it with a major in creative writing or minor in writing; students interested in taking extensive coursework in writing should consider the major in creative writing.