Life has its own language at the molecular level, composed of DNA and protein sequences, and this information determines how cells and organisms function. Hiram College understands the increasing importance of molecular information in today’s world and the need for more young scientists who understand, interpret, and use this information to solve new problems and to communicate their findings in a way that increases the scientific literacy of our society. The Center for Deciphering Life’s Language involves undergraduate and high school students in novel research projects as part of the classroom in order to teach basic scientific principles, excite students about getting the most out of their biology education, and encourage students to seek out further research experiences beyond the classroom.

Areas of Distinction

  • National recognition for undergraduate involvement in novel research as part of courses
  • Strong disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching and research in the natural sciences
  • Strong research outreach to area high school students via collaborative research projects with high school classes during academic year and Hiram Genomics Academy summer research program.
  • National recognition for undergraduate involvement in genomics and bioinformatics research

Primary Academic Programs Associated with this Center (others may also be influenced by the Center)

  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Physics
  • Neuroscience
  • Nursing
  • Computer Science – Bioinformatics – Computational Biology

Key Personnel

  • Brad Goodner, Director and Edward Smerek Professor of Science, Department of Biology
  • Kathy Luschek, Coordinator