Marine Science Opportuities

Jennifer Clark (2012) Associate Professor of Biology
B.S., Kent State University;
Ph.D., Kent State University

Students who are interested in Marine Science can enroll in Hiram College courses with built-in marine field experiences. Courses include but are not limited to marine ecology (Gulf of Mexico), and fisheries biology (Alaska). In addition, many Hiram College students pursue internships as part of their graduation requirements for a biology major at sites ranging from the North Atlantic to the Caribbean and Florida Keys. Students also engage in independent research in marine biology with faculty. Hiram College is affiliated with the Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML), through which students may participate in summer courses and internship opportunities. Shoals programs are administered by Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire on Appledore Island in the Gulf of Maine. Details about SML programs, facilities, and financial aid can be obtained by contacting Professor Clark.