This course is no longer offered.  Please see WRIT for current offerings.


WRITING IN THE LIBERAL ARTS (WRLA) ~ Writing in the Liberal Arts [WRLA] provides an exposure to college-level intellectual inquiry through an engagement with interesting and important ideas. Each course is centered on some idea, theme, or topic fundamental to understanding and living. Through the careful and considerate examination of the course topic, the student will learn the following: • Ideas have complexity and generality • Ideas are connected to one another, and depend on and illuminate one another: knowledge is interdisciplinary in nature • Much goes into understanding something well: students need to develop the capacity of critical inquiry • Histories and traditions of systematic inquiry can guide (and obscure) insight and understanding • Reflective learning integrates these ideas into various spheres of students’ own lives—coursework, career, calling, character, and community Students will be required to complete and be prepared to discuss thoughtfully all course readings, to give at least one oral presentation, and to write at least three essays—with at least one including research--totaling approximately 15-20 pages of formal and revised written work.