This course is no longer offered.  It has been replaced by FYEN 10101 FIRST-YEAR ENDURING QUESTIONS.

FSEM 10201:  FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR:  4 Hour(s)  

FIRST YEAR SEMINAR~ General education requirements at Hiram include two courses taken during a student's first year: Colloquium and First-Year Seminar. All first-year writing courses are small, discussion based, writing intensive classes designed to introduce students to Writing Across the Curriculum and to the concept of the liberal arts. First Year Seminars are often more discipline-specific than Colloquia and introduce students to writing in a particular field. The content of the course will obviously vary per section, but the academic purposes will remain essentially the same: to pay close attention to academic writing, to analyze and discuss a relevant literature, to promote thinking and inquiry, and to equip students with research skills that permit them to investigate important questions and hypotheses. Students in the First-Year Seminars will complete assigned readings, give at least one presentation, participate in class discussion, and write three 5-page essays and one 8-10 page research essay.