FRCL courses are no longer offered at Hiram College.  If you are a continuing student and need to take a course to fulfill your FRCL, FSEM, or FDLA requirement.  Please contact your academic adviser to discuss whether you should be taking FYEN 10101 FIRST-YEAR ENDURING QUESTIONS, FYUR 10201 FIRST-YEAR URGENT QUESTIONS or INTD 19901 INTERDISCIPLINARY FOUNDATIONS.

FRCL 10101:  FIRST-YEAR COLLOQUIUM:  4 Hour(s)  

FIRST-YEAR COLLOQUIUM~ The Colloquium provides an exposure to college-level intellectual inquiry and the liberal arts through an engagement with interesting and important ideas. Each course is centered on some idea or series of ideas fundamental to understanding and living. Through the careful and considerate examination of the course topic, the student will learn that ideas have complexity and generality, that knowledge is interdisciplinary in nature, that much goes into understanding something well, that histories and traditions of systematic inquiry can guide (and obsure) insight and understanding, and that ideas inform various spheres of students' own lives--the personal, the vocational, and the public. Students in the FRCL are required to complete assigned readings, give at least one presentation, participate in class discussion, and to write two 3-5 page short essays and one 5-page essay with research.