Each year financial resources are assessed to determine the level of funding necessary to provide a quality education for those students attending Hiram College.  A sizeable amount of each student’s cost is borne by the College through the income from its productive endowment, accumulated through years of giving by alumni, trustees, and friends.

Every effort will be made to operate within the fee schedule printed in this bulletin; however, the College does retain the right to adjust fees when the cost of goods and services dictates adjustment.

CAS tuition and fees for the 2019-2020 academic year are as follows:

  • Tuition - $494 per credit hour
  • Comprehensive Fee - $225 per semester

The comprehensive fee covers the use of technology, admission to Hiram College events, use of the library and physical education facilities and special CAS activities.  There are no additional fees for the use of such facilities as the student center, the pool, the gym, the library, or parking on the street. 

Students who choose to audit a course must pay a $50.00 per credit hour fee plus the comprehensive fee and any fees applicable for the specific course. 

Payment Regulation

Bills and notices are sent directly to the student’s permanent address in his or her name. Requests to have bills sent to an address other than their permanent address or to another person must be made in writing to the Registrar’s Office. Total payment for the term must be made or an installment payment plan arrangement completed prior to the due date for each semester. Financial aid credit is applied proportionately to each payment period.

Payments not made when due are subject to penalties on the unpaid balance after the due date. The penalties are stated under “Non-Refundable Fees.”

Tuition Deferment Plan

Many companies or corporations offer some type of tuition assistance to employees who continue their education.  Some employers pay the college directly, others prefer to have the students pay their tuition and then reimburse them when they receive their grades.  Students should check with their employers regarding the tuition assistance program and the proper procedures for participation.

Students who participate in company reimbursement plans may be eligible for tuition deferment.  Hiram College will permit students who receive reimbursement for educational expenses from their employers to defer payment of their tuition until forty (40) days after the receiving semester grade reports.  After this forty (40) day grace period a late fee may be assessed.  It will be the responsibility of the student to notify Hiram College of any delay due to their employer’s procedures for processing payments.  To enroll in this plan students must complete a deferment form signed by their employer/supervisor and submit it with the required $50.00 service fee to the Students Accounts Office by the established bill due date.  The Deferment Form and the $50.00 service fee must be paid each semester a student chooses to participate in the Deferment Plan. Students can pay the $50.00 online through their e-bill or at www.hiram.edu/paymybill, or mail a check to:

Hiram College Student Accounts
PO Box 1808
Hiram, Ohio 44234