Major Requirements

This major is not available for students entering in the 19-20 academic year and beyond.  Current majors will be able to complete their program of study.

Hiram College’s strong liberal arts curriculum provides an excellent context for the healthcare services management major. As today’s technologies of medical science become more complex and demanding, so do the larger ethical, humanistic issues that pervade the day-to-day practice of healthcare professionals. Developments in healthcare services have generated a need for managers who are able to facilitate the integration of the various parts of the healthcare delivery system. The demand for individuals who not only understand the clinical aspects but also have effective management and communication abilities has increased.

The Healthcare Services Management major is designed for certified/registered professionals in allied health fields who are graduates of a two-year accredited program and have passed a national registry exam. Examples of such professionals include: Registered Nurses, Cardiac Perfusionists, Dental Hygienists, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Ophthalmology Medical Technicians, Physician Assistants, Respiratory Therapists, and Radiation Technologists.

Professionals who are certified/registered in an eligible area will receive 45 semester hours of credit at Hiram College toward a Healthcare Services Management major. This credit will constitute the allied health segment of the student’s major. If a certified/registered professional chooses to major in an area other than Healthcare Services Management, he/she is not eligible to receive the 45 hours of credit at Hiram College. The major draws upon Hiram College’s Biomedical Humanities Program, which emphasizes the ethical, religious, social, economic, and other non-technological issues in healthcare and helps student develop the skills to address the complexity of solving healthcare problems. It has an interdisciplinary focus, with core courses required of all students and correlative courses that permit the students to pursue their individual personal and professional interests.

The core courses stress the communication skills, diversity sensitivity, and ethical development required of all healthcare professions. These courses include a laboratory science course, statistics, communication and philosophy courses, and organizational behavior. Two Interdisciplinary courses are selected from Hiram College’s Center for Literature and Medicine program, a consortium established with the Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED).

To satisfy the requirements for the healthcare services major, a student must take all of the required courses and a minimum of four courses (at least 12 semester hours of credit) with at least two courses at the 300/400 level in the area of concentration. Transfer students must complete at least twenty-four semester hours of coursework for the major at Hiram College.

XXX00: Must come from the Biomedical Humanities area 14
XXX00: Must come from the Biomedical Humanities area 14
Laboratory Science
Management 2
Required Track Coursework
Select a minimum of four courses with at least two courses at the 300/400 level in one of the two areas of concentration12
Total Hours39