Many adult learners will wish to take advantage of the special CAS residence hall that is available for weekend students staying overnight.  Students must provide their own linens and have a signed housing contract with the Center for Adult Studies prior to being issued residence hall keys. 

For weekenders, a place to relax can be a special haven.  Some students like the convenience of walking to the library after class and then strolling back to the dorm.  Others welcome the chance to compare notes, attend all college functions, or just visit with friends.

Housing is provided as an optional service for all students.  Room reservations for Friday and/or Saturday night(s) are made in advance and may be made for the 8-week term or the entire semester. There are also a limited number of extra rooms available each weekend which may be reserved for a $20 fee per night.  Requests are made in the Center for Adult Studies. No housing requests are accepted unless arrangements are made for full payment covering the duration of their reservation. While every effort will be made to accommodate all students wishing to stay in the residence hall, requests for housing will be accepted and filled in the order in which they are received in the Center for Adult Studies.  Under normal circumstances, students will not have to share a room.  However, Hiram College reserves the right to assign roommates if needed. Housing is also available at two or three bed & breakfast establishments in the area. 

Entry cards and keys are issued by the Center for Adult Studies on the first weekend of the term.  For convenience, students may keep their entry cards and keys for the entire term (or the whole semester, if the student reserves a room for both terms).  Students also may leave personal items in their rooms, but Hiram College assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.  Students must return their keys to the Center for Adult Studies at the end of the term (or semester, if the room is reserved for both terms) or a charge will appear on their student bill.  If a student decides to withdraw from housing, the Center for Adult Studies must be notified.  No credit or refund will be issued for unused housing unless the student cancels his/her room for the remainder of the term and returns the entry card and key to the Center for Adult Studies.  For example, if a student does not use his/her room on the third and fourth weekends of class but occupies the room during the other four weekends, no refunds are given.  However, if after staying the first three weekends a student officially cancels the remainder of the term, he/she is eligible to receive a refund for the unused weekends.  All housing withdrawals must be made in the Center for Adult Studies by the Wednesday before the weekend he/she will not be staying.