The requirements for graduation from Hiram College are the embodiment of the liberal arts tradition in our curriculum. We believe a Hiram College graduate must be able to write and speak effectively, be knowledgeable about our intellectual heritage, and be aware of the inter-relatedness of knowledge. We seek to accomplish this through our core courses, required of all students.

All undergraduate students in the Center for Adult Studies are candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree. This degree is conferred upon completion of 120 hours of credit with an overall grade-point average of at least 2.00 as well as a 2.00 grade-point average in the student’s designated major and minor. Transfer students must complete the minimum number of semester hours of credit at Hiram College as indicated in Transfer of Credits (see College Catalog). These requirements apply to all graduates.

The College’s graduation requirements constitute the general education component of a student’s liberal arts education at Hiram, known as the Core Curriculum. Each student explores the breadth and diversity of the liberal arts through engaging in a series of eight discipline-based courses distributed throughout the college. They will learn about the interrelatedness of knowledge through their interdisciplinary requirement. All students will enroll in two interdisciplinary experiences, which focus on both contemporary and timeless questions of intellectual relevance to humankind. Effective for all student who are audited for graduation on or after August 21, 2017, if a course is approved for two cores, it may be used to fulfill both requirements for a single student. Departmental breadth is ensured by requiring students to take 3-4 credit hour courses in at least six different academic disciplines across all courses taken with the exception of INTD, FRCL/FSEM/WRLA/FDLA, FYEN/FYUR. Having been counted as fulfilling an interdisciplinary requirement does not preclude a course from being counted as fulfilling core requirements. Refer to the Hiram College Catalog - Undergraduate for full details on the general education requirements and guidelines.

The Core Curriculum comprises approximately one-third of a student’s course work at Hiram. Through the process of completing the Core Curriculum, students acquire a foundation of experience to guide their decision about a major. Students will usually declare a major after exploring the opportunities available and discussions with their program counselor and faculty. The student’s decision about a major is most often influenced by a genuine enjoyment of the department’s faculty and course work. Hiram’s small classes foster a mentoring relationship between professor and student which is strengthened by the depth of study in a student’s major.

Requirements for students entering in the Fall 2019 semester and forward are linked below.