Students transferring to programs within the Center for Adult Studies at Hiram College may be eligible to receive transfer of credits. Courses in which students have earned grades of "C” or better, and which correspond to those offered at Hiram, are generally accepted for transfer of credit. Transfer credit hours are not included in the student’s Hiram grade-point average.

A student may transfer in unlimited hours of transfer credit; however, in order to receive a Hiram College degree, a student must complete a minimum of 45 semester hours at Hiram College. Therefore, students transferring to Hiram should expect to spend at least three semesters to receive their degree. The work of the senior year (the final 30 hours) must be completed at Hiram College or in a Hiram College approved program. Students in the community college partnership programs taking designated courses in their program are exempt from this rule. Any exception requires approval of the Associate Academic Dean of the College.

Applicability of any accepted transfer credits to a major or a departmental requirement is expressly approved by the individual major departments. For the complete transfer policy, visit the registrar’s page of the Hiram College website at